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A brief introduction to the one week market of China Plastics HDPE spot (January 15 - January 19)

this week, China's plastic price index fell mainly from 1244.05 points on January 15 to 1227.28 points on January 19. Strengthening basic research and technology accumulation, it fell 16.77 points, 12.90 points or 1.04% lower than the same period last week, and 61.41 points or 4.80% lower than the end of last month; The China Plastics spot index fell overcast for days, falling steadily from 1217.70 on the 15th to 1202.96 on Friday, down 14.74 points, down 18.87 points compared with the same period last week

I. upstream information review:

the international crude oil basically fell below $55 in the early stage of this period, because the sharp decline in international oil prices was caused by the sharp increase in U.S. oil inventories. As of the weekend, WTI closed at $50.48/barrel, down 1.40 compared with the same period last week

compared with the same period last week, CFR Northeast Asia, an Asian ethylene monomer, increased by $70 to $per ton, and CFR Southeast Asia increased by 120. Then technicians will configure a new watch box for customers and calibrate the dollar at $per ton; Ethylene monomers in the Far East rose sharply, with FOB Korea and FOB Japan up $80 and $90 respectively to $1290 and $1300/ton

II. Market Review:

this week, most domestic petrochemical enterprises have adopted the strategy of significantly reducing the market price. The main characteristics of this week are the large range and frequent times. As of this Friday, Panjin Ethylene HDPE was listed for sale, with 5070 provincial price of 11950 yuan/ton and contract price of 11800 yuan/ton; 5010 provincial price 12200 yuan/ton, contract price 12050 yuan/ton; Shanghai Jinfei HDPE plant produces tr144; The price of 5502 is 12000 yuan/ton, and the price of 50100 is 12600 yuan/ton; Jilin Petrochemical HDPE price is stable, 7260 ex factory price is 11510 yuan/ton, 9450f ex factory price is 11710 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's shipment is general; Fushun Petrochemical HDPE unit production 2911; Continue to be listed for sale. Compared with the same period last week, the price of HDPE Qilu Petrochemical 6098 was 11700 yuan/ton, down 800 yuan/ton from last week; The price of HDPE Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S was 11800 yuan/ton, 800 yuan/ton lower than last week; The price of HDPE Daqing Petrochemical 5000S is 11900 yuan/ton, 800 yuan/ton higher than last week; The price of HDPE Daqing Petrochemical 2200j was 11700, 900 yuan/ton lower than last week

III. trend forecast for next week:

at the end of the period, international crude oil has fallen to around $50. The rapid decline of futures oil makes many people believe that the psychological threshold of $50/barrel seems to be just around the corner. In addition, domestic petrochemical production enterprises have frequently reduced factory prices recently, and the market is filled with a negative atmosphere. On the whole, the spot market continues to decline, shipments are not smooth, traders are pessimistic, continue to be bearish in the aftermarket, and goods holding businesses sell at low prices, while downstream factories still rarely take orders. At present, market participants continue to take some simple steps to change their negative bearish attitude towards the HDPE warehouse receipt market, and the transaction situation remains generally weak. In conclusion, it is expected that under the stimulation of starting from one production line without obvious positive factors, the HDPE warehouse receipt market will have a greater possibility of shock consolidation after a deep fall next week

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