The latest integrated phenolic fireproof material

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A new integrated phenolic fire-proof material

recently, Shanghai Yada special coating Co., Ltd. introduced phenolic fire-proof insulation to the market. Considering the low voltage accuracy in the computer, the board and the phenolic fire-proof insulation board coating finish integrated system, In addition, the problem of recycling value has overcome the traditional insulation project. In the fourth quarter of 2016, we made the decision to replace the Shanghai Pavilion and a major problem in the painting project

the new product can reach grade B fire protection, with excellent combustion resistance, and no dripping and softening under high temperature. The product has strong flame penetration resistance, can effectively prevent the spread and combustion of fire, and can be used in buildings with fire resistance rating of 3 ~ 4. It also has realistic granite decorative effect, which can beautify the appearance of buildings, and its service life is more than 25 years. The whole system and its construction process are safe and time-saving. It can be put on the wall and formed at one time, which greatly shortens the construction period, and solves the problems of multiple compounding of traditional wall insulation materials and poor project quality stability

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