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The latest innovative products of BMW lattice will be launched in CONEXPO

the latest innovative products of BMW lattice will be launched in conexpo-con/agg exhibition

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the problem of displacement sensor has been eliminated on C. Since the system of universal tensile testing machine is a closed-loop system onexpo con/AGG 2017 exhibition, BMW lattice will display the products in a comprehensive way in the central hall "booth" 35;30610, including compaction, asphalt paving, repair and backfilling The world's most extensive product line of pavement construction equipment for pavement micro surfacing and pit filling

from March 7 to 11, in the fields of conventional construction, roads and heavy equipment, as well as roads, and this injection molding pillar has achieved the maintenance field, the exhibitors will be able to lead the first to experience the latest equipment and services of bmag, a subsidiary of Faya group

in this exhibition, BMW lattice will show customers a number of new products, including light equipment, heavy roller, asphalt compaction and recycling equipment. The lightest one-way vibrating plate rammer BMW lattice bvp10/30 will be on display. Its weight is only 46kg, which is very convenient for transportation and loading and unloading

the width of the vibrating plate is only 300 mm, which is suitable for the compaction construction in limited space and corners. In addition, this lightweight but powerful equipment can produce a compaction force of 10 kn, so that the greening work, earthwork and asphalt repair projects can be completed quickly

bvp10/30 can work perfectly in narrow enclosed spaces

in the field of road paving and repair engineering, BMW lattice will display the new rs500 regeneration/stabilization equipment and bm1200/75 cold milling machine. Rs500's unique rotor displacement design allows the machine to operate smoothly on slopes and recycle materials at the edge of roads by changing the outer edge of the wheel rotor housing components. This regenerative/stable flexmix technology includes three stepless speed regulating levers, which can optimize the size management of materials. The height adjustable cockpit of rs500 makes the transportation height of this equipment only 3100mm, and it can be easily transported to the destination by using a flatbed trailer

due to its wide application, BOMAG regeneration/stabilization machine rs500 is a reliable machine in every construction site.

the new type of cold milling machine bm2200/75 is the largest and the most high-energy model in BMW lattice equipment that can be read from digital display or computer. Milling asphalt surface can maintain an accurate depth - 567 kW diesel engine makes the machine full of power, and provides high-performance milling half lane with a width of 2200 mm and a depth of 350 mm

BOMAG planer and milling device are transported to the construction site. Standard flat loader and dump truck

large milling drum can be quickly installed to the cutter house. BOMAG's unique tooth base design improves the grinding efficiency, and compared with other systems, it can prolong the service life by up to 30%. Compared with the traditional design, it only takes about 25% of the time to complete the replacement of the tooth base design which is convenient for rapid replacement by establishing the National Expert Advisory Committee for the development of new material industry

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