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The new hot filling bottle cap is more environmentally friendly, hygienic and safe. DSM high-performance polyamide perfectly balances toughness and rigidity

ap Lok is a kind of non padded bottle cap, and its sealing structure is integrated with the cap shell. The AP Lok design, which is improved by Alcoa technology, has a better sealing mechanism and better performance in the hygienic storage and sealing safety of bottled beverages

anti theft function: on the bottle mouth that meets the Alcoa standard, AP Lok has the function of first breaking the ring and then leaking air

application: the height and outer diameter of AP Lok cap are the same as that of hot filling cap (HIA), so it can be used under the same cap machine settings, and the static torque is also the same

water washing: AP Lok has the function of water washing. In the process of pasteurization, the steam will flow through the water washing hole to take away the residue on the screw thread of the bottle mouth, so as to avoid the breeding of mold. Therefore, its mechanical properties are stronger than other recycled materials to minimize the possibility of pollution, so as to make the beverage more hygienic

indication mark: AP Lok has a mark indicating the application angle. This mark is suitable for the batch inspection and sorting of springs on the production line. It is located at the beginning of the upper end of the fringe on the periphery of the bottle cap. It is a tool for daily quantity inspection, and the application angle can be measured without opening the bottle cap, so as to simplify the measurement work. This property is only applicable to bottles with indication marks

sealing: AP Lok realizes sealing through three sealing points: inner plug, top seal and outer plug. Even if there is a small damage on the bottle mouth, it can achieve the perfect sealing effect

taste consistency: AP Lok lubricant content can only be 70% of that of the padded bottle cap. The actual lubricant precipitation is only one tenth of that of the padded bottle cap, which can minimize the impact on the drink taste and help to maintain the consistency of the drink taste

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