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Intel new SSD? The latest aoteng 905p exposure

at present, aoteng technology has been successfully applied to various products. From consumer intelligence to the trend of tire development, digital torque is applied at the rate of 0.5mm/min; Pull is a constant value. According to the center, Intel is constantly improving and upgrading aoten. Among them, for the fever level desktop host, aoten 900p has a performance reading and writing of 2500mb/s and 2200mb/s, and random reading and writing of 550000 and 500000 IOPs. Support pci-e3.0 x4, seven channel interface. And it has two styles of 280gb and 480gb. The speed has reached quite fast. However, according to foreign media, Intel plans to release the latest SSD of aoteng 905p

however, the extensive implementation and utilization of l-graphene composite functional fiber this time has not greatly improved the performance, but the capacity version has 960gb and 480gb. In recent years, it is obvious that this is only an additional large capacity 960gb version for the aoten 900p. From the parameter diagram, the performance of read-write and random read-write has only improved a little

in fact, the 480gb versions mentioned in the article all use 2.5-inch U.2 interface, because their controllers of this version are too large to be made into the m.2 version style popular in the market, but before this, Intel has also disclosed the m.2 style enterprise class aoteng SSD, which may be a new controller. In fact, I think that compared with Samsung's 970pro, although I have aoten technology, I still think that the cost performance is still lacking, and the experience of aoten technology is not big, do you think

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