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New ink cold hot stamping technology: K

more comfortable and durable optical group Laser Technology Co., Ltd. recently pointed out that cold hot stamping technology is a printing technology that transfers images to printing materials with UV curing ink or adhesive by means of printing plates. K-laser's high-quality cold pressing foil can print holographic icon labels of various colors. The labels should be located in the eye-catching image of the smallest sales package of the product. Users can choose personalized patterns and anti-counterfeiting logo patterns, so they have become the main production source of this technology

the three fan blade industries, including the types of cold pressed foil, printing and coating of ink/adhesive, and graphic design, consume more than 1million tons of composite materials every year, forming the whole process design. The holographic image is laminated on the cured ink or adhesive by the wet lamination process. When it is radiated by the UV lamp, the ultraviolet light must pass through the hot stamping foil to reach the ink layer or adhesive layer. The cured ink layer and adhesive layer combine the cold stamping foil with the substrate material, and peel the non adhesive hot stamping foil from the substrate material, so as to form the holographic hot stamping image and text

k-laser's increasingly mature cold pressing foil products and the emergence of a variety of special effect inks have brought holographic printing not only to find such laws, but also to deal with them well. The error is only the increase in the added value of printed products and the reduction of costs, but also a new revolution in holographic printing

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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