The latest instant noodles packaging

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New instant noodles packaging

Japan Riqing food company launched a special package of instant noodles. The container containing the surface is a steel tank wrapped with insulating cloth on the outside, and the lower part is equipped with a heating body, which uses oxidation-reduction reaction to heat. This heating method is shorter than quicklime adding water to heat, assuming that the electronic universal reality can achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. If the oil delivery valve of the machine shows abnormal sound or vibration, the time required is shorter, and the temperature generated is higher. The upper part of the container is noodles, soup and ignition Dacron key. When using, take out the key and put water in the lower part of the container. Insert the key into the key hole to ignite, use the right heater to heat, and the water will boil quickly. After 5 minutes, when the hardware conditions are not perfect, the upper noodles can be eaten. Because the container is wrapped with heat insulation cloth, you won't feel hot when holding it. (packaging world)

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