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Te connectivity recently launched the mini IO connection system for industry, expanding its industrial communication product category

China industrial control industrial control information te connectivity recently launched the mini IO connection system for industry, Expand the variety of its industrial communication products

Shanghai, China - August 13, 2013 te connectivity (TE), one of the global market leaders in connection solutions, today announced the launch of industrial Mini IO connection system - the purchase price of some steel mills continues to decline. A small, compact, locked Line Jinan assaying service outstanding pair of board connectors makes it possible to realize safe and high-speed connections for different applications from multiple angles

the connector is designed for industrial and strong vibration environment. The two contacts are more reliable than other connection alternatives. The compact locking function makes the resistance up to 98n and prevents the plug from being accidentally pulled out, thereby reducing downtime, unstable connections and unnecessary indirect losses. Compared with the traditional RJ45 plug, it can save 75% of the space. The industrial Mini IO connection system provides engineers with greater design flexibility in PCB, and finally allows engineers to freely reduce the scale of its overall application. With these advantages, the industrial Mini IO connector has enough strength to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution towards miniaturization and intelligent production

the connection system has two interface standards to prevent mismatch. Te industrial micro connection system is usually used in the following four most common fields: industrial communication, servo drive, PLC and robot, and any field where design engineers need to save 75% PCB space

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te connectivity (listed on the New York Stock Exchange: Tel) is a leading enterprise in the field of global connectivity, with annual sales of US $13billion. The products designed and manufactured by the company play a core role in world leading industries such as automobile, electric power, industry, broadband communication, consumer electronics, medical treatment, aerospace and national defense. For a long time, te connectivity has always adhered to the unremitting pursuit of innovation and excellent engineering technology, providing customers with solutions to meet their needs to improve energy efficiency, achieve uninterrupted communication and continuously enhance productivity. Through the joint efforts of nearly 90000 employees in more than 50 countries around the world, te connectivity enables everyone we rely on in our daily life not to adjust or touch the fixture and experimental sample connection by hand during the work of the tensile testing machine. For more details, please visit:

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