The hottest multi-layer PET beer bottle

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PET beer bottle with multi-layer structure

the multi-layer structure beer bottle used by the popular type in contemporary times is generally of 3-layer structure and 5-layer structure

1. PET beer bottle with 3-layer structure

the pet/n/pet3 beer bottle produced by the Danish company Carlsberg as in Copenhagen and the American company schmalbach lubeca in Michigan weighs 25g and has a shelf life of 6 months. The aluminum crown with PE pull ring provided by crowncork company of Japan is adopted. Denmark and the United States take measures to recycle the bottle

the initial sales shelf life of pet/evoh/pet, another three-layer structure beer bottle developed and applied in recent years, is only 12 weeks, but the safety and quality consumption requirements have been basically determined. In recent years, the ANC improved technology has been adopted to greatly improve the bottle quality, so that the shelf life can be extended to 14 ~ 16 weeks. Its future goal is 6 months shelf life. The bottle has been sold in large quantities in hotels, bars and clubs

the 3-layer PET beer bottle with deaeration material as high shielding layer adopted by Miller brewers in the United States can fully meet the environmental protection requirements and can be recycled

2. 5-layer structure PET beer bottle

the 5-layer structure beer bottle is made of pet/shielding layer/pet/shielding layer/pet. The bottle is made of two kinds of plastic resins, namely pet and shielding resin materials, while the core pet can also be used to check whether the installation position of the displacement sensor is correct: Recycled and reused materials after consumption due to different designs. The bottle making technology comes from pet International Technology Co., Ltd., which is called CPT technology patent. The bottle can withstand the pasteurization process temperature of beer without deformation, cracking, softening and physical strength parameters. The freshness of the beer filled by the bottle exceeds the shelf life of 4 months, which is basically similar to the shelf life of beer packaged in glass bottles and metal cans

by comparison, the 20 ounce, 1 liter, 5-layer PET beer bottle weighs 43g more than the glass bottle with the same volume. For example, the 22 ounce, 5-layer liquid layer sinks into the lower and more rigid layer, while the glass bottle with the same volume weighs 340g, and the 1 liter, 5-layer pet bottle weighs 56g, while the glass bottle weighs 392g. However, due to various political and economic reasons, the cost is twice that of the glass bottle, so it has not been widely popularized

the polyamide screen layer PET beer bottle with 5-layer structure recently developed and launched by Miller Company of the United States has three bottle making sizes: 16oz, 20oz and 1L. It has been widely used in 8 cities across the country

the 5-layer PET beer bottle adopts the international pet bottle making technology and passes the deaeration test, which fully meets the environmental protection requirements. The shelf life of the bottle is 4 months. The brewer plans to recycle 40% of the used 5-layer PET beer bottles by improving the surface finish and hardness

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