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Multi way development Zoomlion creates an open and innovative enterprise

multi way development Zoomlion creates an open and innovative enterprise

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opens up overseas markets and promotes scientific and technological innovation. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion) has successfully achieved steady growth and increased effectiveness by taking multiple measures and making every effort to resist pressure in the context of economic slowdown and industry downturn

recently, Zoomlion released the performance report for the first quarter of 2017. The report shows that in the first quarter, the operating revenue reached 5.275 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74.5%, of which the construction machinery sector increased by more than 100%

as a leading enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry, Zoomlion is actively responding to the strategy of "innovation leading, opening up and rising" put forward by Hunan Province, realizing both innovation and opening up, and diversifying its development direction

the first quarter had a good start

it is understood that in the first quarter of this year, Zoomlion's net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 85million yuan, which was significantly reversed compared with the same period last year

"the improvement of Zoomlion's performance in the first quarter was mainly due to the substantial growth in the revenue of the construction machinery sector, as well as the remarkable results achieved in industrial transformation and upgrading and management reform. The company's profitability began to improve, its operation became more stable and achieved a qualitative breakthrough." Industry authorities say so

in addition, since the beginning of this year, Zoomlion's performance in the first quarter has increased significantly due to the impact of domestic infrastructure construction, good growth rate of real estate investment and the national "the Belt and Road" initiative. In particular, construction machinery has become the main driving force for the rebound of the company's performance

in the construction machinery sector, the sales performance of piling machinery, concrete machinery and engineering hoisting machinery was particularly outstanding, with a growth rate of more than 100% in the first quarter. For example, the sales volume of concrete mixer truck and truck crane in the first quarter increased by more than 200% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the market share of key construction machinery products has also increased to varying degrees

opening up to realize the rise

Zoomlion has made significant progress thanks to the company's "defying tactics" for the bottlenecks encountered

facing the problem that the domestic market has become saturated, Zoomlion has chosen to boldly "go global" and actively open up new overseas markets

landmark waterfront, located on the Bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is currently in the high-rise construction stage. Zoomlion's three high-speed elevators newly painted with "Aurora green" can be lifted and lowered steadily at the height of Manman Valley, waving fresh "Aurora green". These equipment, together with other Zoomlion equipment stationed at the construction site in the early stage, will help build Thailand's remarkable new landmark

after Zoomlion acquired raxtar, a well-known Dutch elevator company, and integrated international high-end technology, it began to focus on the R & D and manufacturing of construction elevators and launched a series of high-end construction elevators

it is reported that landmarkwaterfront is a super high-rise comprehensive use project, including two five-star hotels and a 73 story high-grade apartment building. The highest building height is 303 meters and the total building area is 282000 square meters. After completion, the project will become a landmark building, adding colorful charm to the man Valley and the Mekong river

since the commencement of the project in 2015, Zoomlion's complete sets of equipment have been continuously stationed on the construction site, including tower cranes, concrete pumping equipment, spreaders, construction elevators and other equipment. In 2016, Zoomlion's concrete pumping equipment set a one-day record of continuous construction for 10 hours and pumping more than 300 cubic meters of concrete during the foundation construction stage, causing a sensation in the local construction industry

Thailand is a key country in the "the Belt and Road" initiative of Zoomlion, and the market share of various equipment in the local market exceeds 30%. In order to better "go in" and achieve rapid service response, Zoomlion set up a 4S store in Bangkok, Thailand, in January this year, which integrates sales and maintenance, parts supply, technical support and machine training to serve more local infrastructure projects in Thailand

innovation drives development

as a technology intensive industry, the production process of equipment manufacturing industry relies on technology and intellectual elements much more than other industries. Zoomlion has always led the industry's technological development with the spirit of innovation, and led the enterprise to achieve steady growth and efficiency

"Zoomlion has granted more than 7000 patents in total, including more than 2000 invention patents; more than 100 invention patents have been granted overseas in more than 20 countries and regions, such as Europe and the United States, which can effectively improve the extension speed of piston dispensing." The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion disclosed to China industry news: "Zoomlion has carried out its own intellectual property evaluation and other people's intellectual property risk analysis and early warning in terms of product R & D, manufacturing and market development. At the same time, it has established a mechanism to revitalize patent assets, and the company's intellectual property work has also provided strong support for the expansion of new fields."

according to the data, over the years, Zoomlion has won 2 Chinese patent gold awards and 11 Chinese patent Excellence Awards by virtue of its continuous innovation in technology. Among them, "power unit and its control method" is a scientific and technological innovation project that Zoomlion won the 14th China Patent Gold Award. A key nylon raw material

reviewing the history, China's ultra heavy equipment is almost monopolized by foreign countries, which seriously restricts the lifeline of national energy development. The reason is that the control technology of the "heart component" power system of ultra heavy equipment is extremely complex, which is the key technical bottleneck that China has not broken through for a long time

the patent of "power unit and its control method" invented by Zoomlion, which creatively solves the technical problems of integration and diversion of super large power source, with simple operation, high safety factor and large optional installation space. It also effectively reduces the fuel consumption of the whole machine and gets rid of the restriction of the supply and maintenance response cycle of imported parts

nowadays, this patent is widely used in various large and super large construction machinery, such as cranes, concrete pump trucks, etc. Zoomlion crawler crane is an outstanding representative among them. Its lifting weight is up to 3200 tons, which can be applied to super large engineering construction fields including AP1000 third generation nuclear power hoisting and petrochemical industry

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