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The multi-component composite coating was successfully developed and won the national patent

Jiangxi University of technology and Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. recently successfully developed the aluminum scandium nitrogen multi-component composite coating containing cerium yttrium. The coating has obtained the national patent and will realize large-scale production

in order to reduce the number and size of large particles in the common coating and improve the anti stripping property, anti-oxidation temperature and film-forming rate of the coating, technicians deposited a layer of CE y in the scandium nitrogen and aluminum scandium nitrogen coatings. At the same time, in the preparation method, scandium targets with a mass percentage of CE y of 0.5%~3% and scandium aluminum targets with a certain atomic ratio were used to transport nitrogen to the vacuum chamber through evaporation and ionization, For the scandium coating containing cerium yttrium, if the customer has special products such as container wood floor, it is impossible to produce qualified plastic parts for testing and aluminum scandium nitrogen coating deposition. The coating can be used in high-precision, high-speed cutting, dry cutting and other processing fields

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