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Multi functional fruit and vegetable preservation film

nearly 100 kinds of screw fresh films have been successfully developed in Tianjin recently because of the failure of timely painting or coating of household appliances and automobile related products, a key Spark Program of the ninth five year plan and a key scientific and technological research project of Tianjin. This is a new achievement in the fresh-keeping technology of fruits and vegetables in Tianjin

the technical principle of multi-functional fresh-keeping film is mainly self regulating and moisturizing, and has the functions of mold prevention, insect repellent, packaging, modification, etc. Depending on the permeability of plastic film, we can make full use of the respiratory consumption of agricultural products to reduce oxygen, increase carbon dioxide, inhibit the respiratory consumption of agricultural products, delay aging, and achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. The technical achievements are simple, energy-saving, practical, small-scale investment and other characteristics. This technical achievement is applicable to the storage, transportation and fresh-keeping of agricultural products all over the country. In particular, the plastic floor is a high-molecular ground covering material produced with PVC resin as the main raw material. It is also applicable to the fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables of farmers in the origin, and to the shelf preservation of fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers of urban households

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