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The joint launch of new products by multiple enterprises will once again "sing with passion" IAS 2012

the annual 2012 Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS 2012) is coming to the breathing bag again with passion and cheerfulness. Looking back at the new product launch held at IAS last year, eleven enterprises including Siemens, pro face, Fuji Electric, IMA and LS participated in the new product launch team, bringing the latest technologies and products to the vast number of automation equipment manufacturers, winning initial business opportunities. They also shared with the audience typical cases of the industry served by new products. Both sides gained a lot. Up to now, one year later, in the case of industrial transformation and upgrading forced by changes in the economic environment, slowdown in industrial economic growth, rising labor costs and other factors, will the products launched by enterprises change with changes in the economic environment

ias 2012 new products and Technologies Conference will be launched again in the New International Expo Center w2-m2 on November. At that time, abb, Siemens, Omron, pro face, Mitsubishi Electric and Advantech will bring 12 latest products and technologies to 7 press conferences. It is worth mentioning that this new product launch is a new upgrade. The organizer will invite industry experts, professional buyers, purchasing groups, technicians, the public and professional media to the press conference site. After the press conference, the purchasing group will visit the industrial automation booth in person

the gathering of well-known brands, high-end products, cutting-edge technologies and professionals, the participation and guidance of experts, the visits and orders of buyers, and the publicity and reports of the media have made ias the first choice for automation enterprises to timely repair or replace new products and technologies. The types, diameters and The connection mode and other factors affect the connection mode between the hydrostatic testing machine and the product. The grand new product and new technology conference was also held to meet the needs

at the same time, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce today, when the manufacturing industry is facing bottlenecks, low profits and in urgent need of transformation and upgrading. IAS' new product and new technology press conference enables manufacturers and automation technology providers to discuss the market trend and clarify their respective needs, so as to promote the improvement and health of the industry mechanism

as the cooperative media of this event again, China industrial control will also cover the whole process

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