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Multilayer will be widely used in future buildings, or the problem of film definition will be solved.

high definition multilayer film has excellent barrier resistance, strong adhesion and ductility, and its cost is very low. In recent years, the market demand for this kind of film has been increasing, and its application range in food packaging, agriculture and other fields has been expanding

although the market conditions of blown and extruded films at all levels continue to improve, whether the panel display function is normal or not@ 6. Whether the panel key function is normal; Various problems also emerge in the process of production and processing. Because this kind of film has many layers, polymers of different materials are mixed with each other in the production process, and its rheological properties are easy to interact, affecting the overall clarity of the film

after in-depth analysis of the market development trend, 3M group, a world-renowned multinational enterprise with diversified products, recently invested and established an experimental base with three-layer film extrusion production lines

3m said that the establishment of the new experimental base is to better study the performance of multi-layer plastic films, so as to bring better product solutions to our customers

for the problems in the production of multilayer films in the market, 3M said that the company's new dynamar brand polymer additive can lead the way. The new additive can not only protect the transparency of the multilayer film from damage, but also improve the overall surface properties of the film. However, 3M still needs to repeatedly study the performance of the additive before large-scale formal production

here's how to operate it: in order to better understand new materials, 3M film production experts are gathering at the experimental base to test dynamar brand additives with the new film production line

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