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Hard core on muddy road! Pile foundation sharp weapon Sany scc250tb crawler crane

harder core on muddy road! The sharp weapon of pile foundation Sany scc250tb crawler crane

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high speed rail and lanterns are all made by parents and children together to complete bridges and hydropower stations. "Made in China" today is different from the past. With the industrialization process of a billion people and the rise of cities as bright as stars, China's dream of infrastructure construction has never stopped. Every year, more than one million pile foundation holes are laid in China, laying a solid foundation for large-scale construction projects

new construction method and innovative equipment

pile foundation is a very important link in urban construction. It has the advantages of good stability, high bearing capacity, strong seismic performance and fast settlement stability. Therefore, it has been widely used in all kinds of building projects, especially in high-rise buildings. Because the impact hammer precast pile construction method will produce a lot of noise and ground vibration, the rotary excavation cast-in-place pile construction method has gradually become the mainstream

the rotary drilling pouring method mainly applies the rotary drilling drill to drill holes first, then the truck crane is used to place the reinforcement cage into the pile hole, and finally the concrete is poured. However, the ground adaptability of the truck crane is poor. In rainy days and muddy road sections, the construction cannot be carried out. In addition, the truck crane cannot walk with load. Beyond the scope of operation, the vehicle location must be rearranged. It takes a long time, which greatly affects the construction efficiency

it has been suggested that the steel ball wear spot measurement of truss arm shoe with good ground adaptability can be carried out by using the wear spot microscope modified by Jinan Huaxing. However, it is worth noting that the smallest truss arm crawler crane in the market is of 50t class, which requires boom connection during operation, and at least 2 transport vehicles, so the transportation cost is high. Based on the market demand, Sany has developed a 25t crawler telescopic boom crane scc250tb to fill the market gap

careful consideration and extraordinary transformation

as a 25 ton product with smaller grounding pressure and stronger off-road ability than the traditional crawler crane, the maximum lifting torque of scc250tb is 1175kn m. The five section large-area U-shaped main boom is adopted, with a full boom length of 42.5m, which greatly exceeds the products of the same category in the industry

in order to cope with the harsh working environment of pile foundation, scc250tb adopts excavator reinforced crawler, with a spread width of 4.3m, a transportation width of 2.99m and a length of 5.48m. The lower structure is widened and lengthened, and the stability of loaded walking is good. The reinforced supporting wheel has better adaptability on muddy roads. Four anti derailment guards are designed for a single track to effectively avoid track derailment after long-term use

when the crane lifts the reinforcement cage off the ground and perpendicular to the pile foundation hole, it must be very stable, otherwise there will be risks such as hole collapse, pipe plugging, floating, etc. The scc250tb is equipped with an intelligent flow distribution main valve and a large displacement variable piston pump. The controllability of the combined action is significantly improved. The winch single rope stable speed is 0.2m/min, and the slewing stable speed is 0.1 °/s. It can realize no-load, on load lifting and "inching" functions, with extremely high stability

due to the vehicle weight and the fact that Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion mechanical resistance, the fuel consumption of cranes is often high. In addition to the superior ground adaptability and stability, scc250tb is also the strength of the bar since it saves oil. The Japanese Isuzu Euro 3 4hk1 engine has strong power but low noise. Its comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 10%, which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly. The combination of three in one oil dispersion and independent oil dispersion can increase the heat dissipation power by 45% to meet the construction needs in the field under high temperature weather

perfect facilities, a member of urban construction

before the birth of scc250tb, the R & D team visited several users and put forward clear R & D objectives according to the needs of users. This equipment must meet the three necessary conditions of "low requirements for working space", "flexible adaptation to installation distance" and "convenient transfer". Under the guidance of such value objectives, scc250tb was born at the right time, which can not only meet the hoisting of reinforcement cage of rotary drill, but also be applied to the installation of steel structure in narrow space plants and the construction of field high-voltage transmission line towers

"equip China, equip China" is gradually becoming a reality. The strength of independent innovation in China's construction machinery industry and the charm of a big country are the epitome of China's gradual trend towards power. In the future, Sany crane will firmly seize the opportunity of common growth at the same time and provide a sustainable driving force for China's construction

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