How to choose the most suitable solid wood floor

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When choosing solid wood flooring, you have to choose carefully according to the characteristics of the house and your own needs in order to choose the most suitable flooring

when choosing solid wood flooring, you have to choose carefully according to the characteristics of the house and your own needs in order to choose the most suitable flooring

Longsheng switch Book fragrance door ground solid wood composite floor


teak is the king of uncrowned in all decoration wood. Teak is mostly produced in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, South America and other places. Because teak itself is hard and not easy to deform, it is used more. 70% of teak comes from Indonesia and Myanmar. Since 1998, China has banned the import of teak from Thailand, so it is currently marked with “ Imported from Thailand ” Most of the brand of wood is fake. Because teak itself is a special wood, Indonesia and Myanmar have their own advantages. Indonesian teak is obvious in strength and toughness, but its elasticity and shrinkage are poor; Teak in Myanmar is excellent in the above aspects, and “ Wacheng ” The finished product is the best

red sandalwood

red sandalwood is a commercial name, scientific name “ Tiexianzi ”, The origin is mostly in South America. This wood has fine veins, which can minimize the loss of color matching and veins, so it is suitable for the hall area of 20-45 square meters. However, due to the red color, it is difficult to equip furniture

“ Iron wire ” The wood itself is hard, with good elasticity and poor shrinkage, so it is recommended to use paint free floor& ldquo; Iron wire ” During the construction process, special attention should be paid not to damage the front of the floor and minimize scratches, otherwise it will be difficult to repair, and try to contact with water, because it is difficult to recover after deformation


rosewood in the floor is quite different from the rosewood furniture wood species in our home, which must not be confused. Rosewood is a commercial name, scientific name “ Big fruit sandalwood ” Produced in South America, belonging to a kind of sandalwood, but because its pattern is mountain shaped, it is laid in 40— The 60 square meter hall will form a beautiful continuous mountain pattern, so it is used more in the hall. The wood of rosewood itself is relatively stable, not easy to dry and crack, and because the oil content of sandalwood itself is high, and there is fragrance, so the corrosion resistance, moth resistance and moisture resistance are good

white elephant ivory wood

the pattern of white ivory wood floor is thin, the texture is simple, and the color after painting is white compared with that of rue, which is the feeling of yellow with white, and the overall feeling and single piece feeling are both good. White elephant ivory is a commercial name, scientific name “ Ba Fuyun ”, It is produced in South America, and its characteristics are similar to those of rue through its name, but the difference is that in the space with large internal and external temperature difference, white elephant ivory has better self-regulation than rue, and its dryness is better than rue, and its hardness is slightly tender than rue. It should be said that white elephant ivory is relatively stable in all aspects, especially suitable for the younger generation

golden elephant ivory wood

golden Ivory wood flooring is similar to white ivory. The biggest difference between the two lies in the floor surface. The surface of gold Ivory wood floor is mostly bright and straight lines, and the color is light yellow, which can be used as an indirect substitute for rutin. Golden elephant ivory is a commercial name, scientific name “ Tabby Ziwei ”, Produced in South America, the wood has good properties and is not easy to deform. It is poor in moisture shrinkage and the floor has high requirements for paint

red sandalwood

red sandalwood species are produced in East Indonesia and Malaysia, and also in southern China, scientific name “ Ant wood ”. Because its wood is new, its color is bright red; The old man is purple, solid and fine in texture, heavy in water, durable, shiny and beautiful patterns and stripes. It is a relatively high-end flooring material. Recently, the utilization rate of red sandalwood is high, but we should pay attention to the maintenance problems of the floor after laying, such as not being directly exposed to strong sunlight, dragging, scratching or impact of sharp objects, etc& lsquo;




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