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How to improve the large-scale management of wooden door enterprises from an early age

the rise of raw materials, low entry threshold, fierce peer competition and so on, are precisely these reasons that hinder door enterprises from becoming bigger and stronger. Many people believe that in China's door industry, the market of non-standard products is much larger than that of standard doors, and it is impossible for standardized door products to occupy a "monopoly" position in China at present. If China's door and window products can't be standardized, can China's door and window manufacturing enterprises become bigger? If so, can they become bigger. In fact, China's door manufacturing enterprises can become larger, and enterprises can achieve large-scale production. Enterprises can develop in the direction of large-scale development. What really restricts the development of China's door enterprises is not the rise in raw material prices, nor the increase in labor costs, nor the low entry threshold and fierce peer competition, but there are considerable problems in the management of China's door enterprises

the vast majority of Chinese door enterprises come from handicraft workshops, and even "masters lead apprentices". The chairman and general manager of many wooden door enterprises may have been just a carpenter walking through the streets 20 years ago. These industry predecessors grew up with opportunities and sweat. The former "workshops" have become "enterprises", but the management of enterprises has not been modernized, which is not enterprise management in the real sense. The vast majority of enterprises are "rule by man", not "rule by law"

China has many door and window production "enterprises", but more are a large number of door "workshops", which lack management awareness. It is not difficult for a master to take one apprentice, and it may not be difficult to take 10 apprentices, but it is difficult to take 100 apprentices, and there may be trouble without some "modern management" methods

in the door industry, enterprises are plagued by the most complaints from dealers, such as delivery date, product quality and after-sales service. In fact, as long as we do a good job in the internal management of the enterprise, these problems can be solved, and our people can go to heaven. Can't these technical problems be solved? The reason why these problems have not been solved is that our management problems have not been solved

in fact, the management of door enterprises in China has not kept up, mainly because the boss's management consciousness has not kept up. This can not simply blame the boss. In Chinese enterprises, the relationship between bosses and professional managers is quite delicate. The boss uses the talents of professional managers to make money for himself, while professional managers use the platform provided by the boss to make money for themselves. Both are for "themselves". Therefore, in the end, the boss and professional managers will end their cooperation by breaking up. Management is constrained by system, which will be implemented in every link of production and enterprise operation, even everyone




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