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As China's economy enters the new normal, the [door and window franchise] operation has also been affected to a certain extent. A series of problems such as cost promotion, rising labor and raw material costs, and impact on environmental protection make the company face a two-way kneading of domestic and foreign difficulties. In such a market environment, manufacturers of [doors and windows alliance] may need to focus on the internal reform road of lean production

strict standards help improve product quality

in life, it is a very difficult job to put your own thinking into others' heads, especially for the traditional [doors and windows join] For manufacturers, the success rate of talent training is relatively low, so it is more difficult to instill the concept of lean production in thinking. However, to make every employee aware of the necessity of lean production processing is the beginning of the company to open the road of lean processing

prepare the foundation for opening the journey to ensure that

[doors and windows join] Manufacturers opening is like fighting, they must first have preemptive weapons, and opening lean production processing requires a batch of technical equipment that meets the needs. Lean production processing itself is a scientific, automated and intelligent production processing method, which requires not only excellent hardware equipment, but also sensitive and intelligent software equipment. The leading equipment and software system equipped from outside to inside is [doors and windows join] Manufacturers open the foundation of lean production processing to ensure

the publicity and implementation of any new thing is a process from difficult to easy. However, for [doors and windows join] in trouble For manufacturers, lean production processing may be a key. Once lean production is spread throughout the company, the process will become very simple

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