Compared with traditional kitchen, the overall cab

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The overall kitchen cabinet must be more popular than the traditional kitchen market

the overall kitchen is a new type of kitchen form that systematically matches kitchen appliances and kitchen appliances such as cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens, various pendants, water basins, various drawer baskets, garbage shredders, etc. with kitchen appliances. Use "system collocation" to realize the overall configuration, overall design, overall construction and decoration of kitchen space

in recent years, large-scale household appliance enterprises are also entering this field, integrating refrigerators, microwave ovens and other products into the overall kitchen, and accelerating the marketization and large-scale expansion of this product. The entry of these enterprises has not only promoted the improvement of product quality, design and installation, and brand operation in the overall kitchen market

compared with the traditional single selling kitchen cabinets, namely kitchen appliances, the overall kitchen is very different. Designers must reasonably layout and skillfully match the cabinets, Kitchenware and various kitchen appliances according to their shape, size and use requirements, so as to realize the integration of kitchen appliances. It is designed scientifically and reasonably according to the height, color preference, cultural cultivation, cooking habits and kitchen spatial structure of family members, and the principles of lighting combined with ergonomics, ergonomics, engineering materials and decorative art, so that the harmonious unity of science and art can be reflected incisively and vividly in the kitchen

the manufacturer takes the cabinet as the basis, and reasonably configures it according to the consumers' own needs to produce the overall kitchen products. This product integrates the functions of storage, cleaning, cooking, freezing, upper and lower water supply and drainage, and pays special attention to the overall style, layout, function and grade of the kitchen




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