Figure 8 of lattice control bathroom decoration al

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Lattice control bathroom decoration 8 figure let lines expand space vision

editor's recommendation: at first glance, it looks very simple, but in fact it is absolutely not monotonous. The visual effect of this decoration, editor thinks “ Linealism ” This buzzword is still very vivid to summarize. White tiles are directly paved with cement, so there is a cross visual effect of white tiles + Black paving lines. When black and white are interlaced, there is a sense of stability

lattice control bathroom decoration 8 figure allows lines to expand spatial vision

editor's recommendation: regular square tile paving, black cement paving line, from this figure you can see the details, which requires good paving technology, once skewed or uneven thickness, it will be very ugly. Finally, you can also add a mirror that refracts in the room. In this way, it feels like a inception




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