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Yutong heavy industry's 3-ton pure electric road maintenance vehicle was successfully offline

Yutong heavy industry's 3-ton pure electric road maintenance vehicle was successfully offline

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after the 7-ton pure electric cleaning vehicle, Yutong heavy industry's another new energy new product - 3-ton pure electric road maintenance vehicle was successfully offline on December 15. This car is a special new energy cleaning vehicle for urban sanitation. It has the function of ordinary sprinkler. At the same time, it can also clean the pavement and kerb under high pressure, and can use high-pressure water gun to clean road signs, billboards, etc. it is suitable for daily operations on narrow urban roads and pedestrian roads

Yutong heavy industry 3-ton pure electric road maintenance vehicle successfully rolled off the production line

this road maintenance vehicle not only has the advantages of new energy vehicles, such as mature three electric system, highly integrated and modular pure electric drive technology platform and high transmission efficiency of chassis, but also has its own unique characteristics: on the one hand, it is small in size and flexible in action, which can shuttle through all roads in the city to achieve narrow road sections Daily cleaning of pedestrian roads; On the other hand, this car is equipped with a 360 look around system, which can view the surrounding of the car body 360 degrees in order to achieve the goal of rough polishing, and realize 360 degree real-time monitoring of the car. It is safer than similar domestic products, and has simple operation and high reliability. 360 environmental vision system is the first innovation of the electrical system of environmental sanitation vehicles. It is specially set and tried according to the operation mode of road maintenance vehicles. It is the first step to realize the modularization of electrical appliances of environmental sanitation products. In addition, the car adopts a stainless steel box, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life. The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensing alarm system, which automatically alarms when there is no water, so as to improve the safety of operation

this product is another innovation of Yutong heavy industries' new energy and sanitation vehicles, and it is also the embodiment of the good accumulation in Yutong Dingxin culture. The researchers' lithium ion battery electrolyte and diaphragm are increasingly important to improve battery performance and safety. The LRM designed by the researchers adopts the shape of rectangular units including three metal cores and is good at optimization. (this article is from Yutong heavy industry)

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