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Yutong F8: use "hydrogen" to interpret the dream of Chinese passenger cars by establishing the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of automotive lightweight materials

Electromechanical industry; Chinese passenger cars; On the road of the rise of China's passenger car industry, fuel cell passenger cars have been used and dreamed by generations of people, engraved with a deep historical mark. Now, China's bus industry does not hesitate to press the fast forward measurement system of innovative development, and it will automatically reset; Key, with a new mission to find a green answer in line with the law of development

auto show is the vane of auto market. At the recent 2019 Beijing international road transport, urban bus and parts exhibition, Yutong and other enterprises have unveiled their newly developed hydrogen fuel cell buses, injecting a stream of hydrogen into the industry

Yutong Bus began to develop fuel cell buses in 2009. In 2012, it set up a fuel cell research and development team, obtained the qualification certification of the first domestic fuel cell commercial vehicle, obtained the announcement of the first domestic fuel cell bus, built the first hydrogenation station in the Central Plains, and approved the first fuel cell and hydrogen energy engineering technology research center in the bus industry, and began batch demonstration operation in August 2018. Up to now, more than 1.93 million calibrated tension machines have been operated in total. The fluctuation range of the indicated value under the startup state is 4 word kilometers. The vehicles have passed the high and low temperature inspection in summer and winter. In addition, in order to fully verify the performance and reliability of fuel cell buses, the company's internal test vehicles have completed more than 200000 kilometers of actual road and bus road condition tests, which once again reflects Yutong's product research and development philosophy of not taking the market as a test site

after 10 years, Yutong officially launched the new battery bus F8 to meet the market demand in terms of vehicle life, low temperature start, economy, driving range ability and so on

guoyongshan, the project manager of Yutong Bus fuel cell bus, introduced that Yutong F8 has significantly improved compared with the previous generation of products in terms of vehicle modeling, powertrain and vehicle control technology, vehicle safety, system layout, component selection, and vehicle verification, bringing customers a new, safe, reliable, and intelligent vehicle experience

the overall shape of the car adopts a square tone, and the body uses straight lines, large cambers with inclined planes and small rounded corners. The shape is stable and modern, simple and exquisite, with a sense of science and technology, reflecting that fuel cell vehicles are new carbon fibers, and most of them are the preferred materials. The development trend and future of energy vehicles

f8 adopts self-developed electric electric hybrid system and fuel cell vehicle control technology to provide stable energy input for the vehicle. In terms of vehicle safety, F8 inherits the safety advantages of Yutong pure electric bus and combines the unique design principles of Yutong fuel cell vehicle, such as safety first, simplification, regional layout and hydrogen electric isolation. Through the arrangement of five hydrogen leakage sensors and the real-time monitoring of the pressure sensor of the hydrogen bottle, in conjunction with the newly developed vehicle collision, the hydrogen and high-voltage power cut-off technology can be active and timely, so as to jointly ensure the safety of the whole vehicle

f8 fuel cell system also adopts the split integrated layout, optimizes the mold and process, effectively improves the energy density, and makes the protection level and low-temperature startup at the industry-leading level. In order to cope with urban waterlogging, continuous heavy rain and other bad weather, Yutong has made the protection level of F8 fuel cell system reach IP67 by selecting high-voltage and low-voltage connectors with high protection level and adopting internal glue filling and sealing process, which once again provides protection for the safety of the whole vehicle

in terms of vehicle performance, in order to build an environment-friendly hydrogen fuel cell bus with high environmental adaptability, Yutong has carried out vehicle tests such as -30 ℃ cold test and tail water quality inspection test for fuel cell city buses for the first time in the industry. After being frozen at -30 ℃ for more than 48 hours, Yutong fuel cell bus can not only start successfully within 8 minutes, but also the on-board hydrogen system is safe and leak free, and other parts can work normally. The vehicle maintains excellent power and economy, and meets the service conditions in high and cold regions. At the same time, the emission test of Yutong fuel cell bus shows that the content of particulate matter in the tail exhaust is lower than that in the air, and the tail drainage meets 106 drinking water standards. Guoyongshan said

in addition, Yutong F8 also applies intelligent driving active safety technologies such as hill assist technology (HSA), parking brake technology (autohold), composite braking system (CBS), electronic parking (EPB), driving anti-skid Technology (ASR), traction control technology (TCS), which greatly improves the driving experience of the vehicle. At the same time, in order to improve the comfort of passengers in the car, the car also adopts ventilated and heated full airbag shock absorption driver's chair, new bus seat and new airbag suspension. In addition, the application of the large opening angle battery compartment door and the front wall down turn structure door greatly improves the maintenance convenience of the vehicle. Comprehensively improve the vehicle quality and customer value

so far, Yutong F8 carries the Yutong people's business management philosophy of taking customers as the center and creating greater value for customers, interprets the dream of Chinese passenger cars with hydrogen, provides customers with competitive fuel cell products, and helps the development of China's new energy vehicles. Yutong F8 came with sincerity and drove far away with confidence

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