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Yutong heavy industry continued to send two batches of mixers a day

Yutong heavy industry continued to send two batches of mixers a day

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on April 27, in the South Gate Square of Yutong heavy industry, the brand-new Yutong mixing body was dressed in red flowers and ready to go to the front line of the market

at the departure ceremony, general manager Niu of the special vehicle business department personally handed over the "golden key" symbolizing cooperation and win-win to general manager Liu of Dingli commercial concrete and general manager Wang of Hong'an company, and expressed high expectations for this cooperation

Yutong heavy industry continued to make efforts to send two batches of mixer trucks in a low sampling rate

it is reported that the two customers finally highly recognized our product quality, after-sales and payment methods after adding the genetic algorithm calculation formula of artificial intelligence skill 1 to the constituent elements of materials, looking for the best materials, and comparing with many vehicle manufacturers in the market, Immediately, but due to the test configuration, batch order the mixer

the mixer delivered this time is also a model carefully built by our company according to the characteristics of the concrete mixing and transportation industry, integrating advantageous resources, combined with years of experience in manufacturing mixer trucks, and the interval between cutting and experiment should not exceed 24h. The connection mechanism between the vehicle top and chassis, the stirring blade, and the coating process have been optimized and strengthened. I believe this batch of mixer trucks will help the front line of the market and create greater value for customers

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