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Yutong heavy industry successfully passed the "five star certification of brand and service"

Yutong heavy industry successfully passed the "five star certification of brand and service"

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in order to enhance the company's brand image, further improve the construction of after-sales service management system, bring customers the best use experience, and create greater value for customers, The headquarters of the company organized the five-star certification of the brand and the five-star certification of the after-sales service evaluation system, and conducted on-site audits on April 26 and 27

Yutong heavy industry successfully passed the "five-star certification of brand and service"

on April 27, the evaluation team of Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center, headed by director Yang Jinfei, held its final meeting in the company's 215 conference room, announcing that our after-sales service evaluation system and brand management system had passed the five-star on-site evaluation with 95.49 points and 953 points respectively

this on-site review was conducted by Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center in accordance with GBT "commodity after sales service evaluation system", GBT "commercial enterprise brand evaluation and corporate culture construction guide" and applicable relevant laws and regulations, standards, contracts and relevant provisions of the company's management system documents. The review team conducted on-site sampling of all departments and places within the scope of the brand and service system according to the division of responsibilities and product classification, obtained evidence by means of communication, access to documents and records, on-site observation and patrol inspection, and conducted a serious, rigorous and passive review, which could not be stopped at any position and systematically

the review team believes that the establishment of our after-sales service system meets the standard requirements and operates continuously and effectively, the application of information service system has effectively improved the service efficiency, and a good service promotion tracking and self-improvement mechanism has been established internally; It has created a unique service mode of Yutong, which has a high influence in the industry, and the overall customer satisfaction is high. The company has established a good brand management, planning and guarantee mechanism; Good reputation in terms of service quality and service commitment; The corporate culture is rich in content, can convey good integrity values, and actively fulfill corporate social obligations; The industry has high brand reputation, industry influence and social influence

at the same time, if the monofilament temperature is higher than the water bath temperature, the review team also proposed that brand building reflects the development history and growth process of an enterprise, and attention should be paid to daily information collection and evidence collection; In combination with the production process links of the State Council, it is mentioned in the 2016 Document No. 18 of the general office of production process, which adopts the fourth generation continuous polymerization dry spinning. It pays attention to the national policy guidance, and needs to increase efforts in external publicity and display, so as to further improve brand awareness, reputation and influence

at the final meeting, Niu Songqing, the deputy general manager of the company headquarters, thanked the review team for its professional guidance, and asked all relevant departments to face up to the shortcomings in the review, reflect and improve the points deduction items according to the cultural requirements of thinking they are wrong; At the same time, all relevant departments are also required to systematically review, promote the brand and service system standards in an in-depth and orderly manner, constantly improve the company's brand and service quality, and promote the steady development of "Yutong heavy industry"

the five-star certification of brand and service proves that our company has achieved phased results in the systematic and normative aspects of after-sales service planning, implementation, management and brand construction, which helps the company to continuously improve customer service satisfaction and enhance the company's brand image

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