Fresh or not in the hottest season is a problem. B

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Fresh or not is a problem. Boxed fruits can't stand the high temperature in summer

Guide: in the hot summer, the host computers used by the two are the same, and the business of fruit stores is also super hot. In order to meet the needs of consumers, some businesses launch boxed fruit activities, and some also cut and pack them and deliver them to the door. The service of the merchants is really friendly, but how about the quality of these fruits? Many consumers will worry about whether such fruit will breed bacteria

box fruit or keep it for one day

when asked about the cutting time of six boxes of fruits purchased in several fruit supermarkets, most fruit owners said that they were fresh fruits that had just been cut, and the sales time was not more than 2 hours. At the same time, a small number of fruit store owners said that the fruits were cut on the same day and were very fresh

however, the owner of one of the fruit stores revealed that sometimes dozens of boxes of fruit platters cut in the morning can't be sold out, and they will be sold together in the afternoon, which may last for a whole day

boxed fruits may have rotted

the appearance of the boxed fruit looks clean, but you don't know that some of the fruit you eat in your stomach is cut from the rotten part of the rotten fruit. Dare you eat such fruit? However, many consumers are often blinded by its bright appearance

the amount of bacteria involved in boxed fruits is beyond imagination

bring the six boxes of fruit plus two and a half fresh watermelons (half covered with fresh-keeping film and half without any treatment) to the laboratory for testing. The experimental results show that the coliform group of the six box fruit samples is greater than or equal to 24000mpn/100g, and the total number of colonies ranges from 13000cfu/g to 504000cfu/g. At the same time, the coliform group of refrigerated watermelon samples without preservative film was significantly more than that of watermelon with preservative film, and the total number of colonies was more than 20 times

although there is no relevant national standard for the number of colonies of fresh fruits in China, the provisions for fruit products are that the fixed assets of the paper industry in 2018 increased by 5.1% year-on-year, the total number of colonies should not exceed 1000cfu/g, and the coliform group should not exceed 30mp. The deformation measurement of Jinan experimental machine is an important part of the measurement and control system of the experimental machine, universal experimental machine n/100g. The content of E. coli in the boxed fruits in the above test is dozens of times

relevant experts said that some special serotypes of E. coli are pathogenic to humans and animals, especially infants and young animals (poultry), and often cause severe diarrhea and sepsis. If consumers with poor health eat this kind of boxed fruit, it is likely to cause diarrhea. Experts suggest that you should buy fresh whole fruit and eat it as soon as possible after cutting it

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