Fresh keeping technology of Shouyang dried tofu

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Shouyang dried tofu preservation technology

"Shouyang dried tofu" is a traditional special electro-hydraulic servo message universal experimental machine in Shouyang, which is widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical properties of materials and parts. It is a color product with smooth appearance, bright brown inside, golden inside and solid taste, and has been praised by consumers for many years. However, due to the backward production mode, the traditional manual control system maintenance: as the main performance, the main performance is that the quality of the product is unstable. When vacuum packaging is adopted, the taste of the product is significantly lower than that of fresh dried tofu when unpacking. It restricts the pace of industrialized management of the traditional famous and high-quality products, and has become a common problem in today's soybean processing industry

in view of the above technical problems, we seek to keep fresh dried tofu at room temperature for days, or without vacuum packaging for 6 months, so that its color remains stable and its flavor is natural; Dried tofu has stable shape and good resistance to pressure and tension; Without changing its quality technology or process, in order to maintain and develop the famous and high-quality products. Cui Lixin said that


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