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Yutong heavy industry mining truck completely overthrew the era of "Yugong removing mountains"

Yutong heavy industry mining truck completely overthrew the era of "Yugong removing mountains"

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Guide: at the end of 2005, the State Administration of security rectified coal mine safety nationwide, gradually strengthened the rectification of the mining market, and the demand structure of mining machinery changed. By the end of 2008, China has gradually established a number of new large-scale coal bases, which put forward higher requirements for mining equipment, that is

at the end of 2005, the State Administration of security rectified the safety of coal mines nationwide, gradually strengthening the rectification of the mining market, and the demand structure of mining machinery changed. By the end of 2008, a number of new large-scale coal bases have been gradually established in China, which puts forward higher requirements for mining equipment, that is, mining machinery and equipment have a large-scale trend. For example, in large open-pit coal mines in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai and other places, the tonnage of backhoe excavators ranges from 35t to 45t, 80t, and the required body width of mining trucks should be more than 3 meters to meet the needs of loading along the body. The flat head dump truck and other ordinary mining trucks that have been used for a long time have been gradually eliminated, and the (off highway) mining wide body dump truck came into being

as a leading brand in China's mining truck industry, Yutong heavy industry is now the mining truck manufacturer with the most complete product models, the highest cost performance and the lowest fuel consumption in China. How can Yutong accurately know his working principle? The whole heavy industry mining truck has strong practicability and reliability, and the product has outstanding cost performance advantages. All domestic open-pit mines are in use, firmly occupying the high-end field of the domestic mining truck industry. Its star product yt3621 has been selected for the "Top50" award of construction machinery for three consecutive years, and the domestic market share continues to rise

adhering to 50 years of military technology and experience, Yutong heavy industry has independently developed the first super large tonnage and ultra wide off-road mining self-propelled 3 and magnetic particle testing unloading bridge in the domestic mining truck industry. Yutong mining axle is based on Mercedes Benz bridge technology, combined with Yutong heavy industry military axle technology, to optimize the structure of key components such as axle housing, wheel side, main reducer, and the quality is more stable and reliable; Make it more suitable for the working conditions of heavy off highway mining dump truck. Self made bridge is one of the core technologies of Yutong heavy industry mining truck. Its use will make the performance of the whole mining truck more stable and reliable, effectively reduce the user's downtime, ensure the smooth completion of the user's construction period, and create value for users to the greatest extent. It is a reliable product for users

YT series mining dump trucks of Yutong heavy industry have formed product series with loads of 40t, 50t and 60t. The width of the whole vehicle is divided into 3200mm and 3415mm, which can meet the transportation needs of different users. According to the construction road conditions of the mine, the dynamic system of "promoting the integration of new materials into the high-end manufacturing supply chain" is reasonably matched. Weichai and Yuchai high-power engines, international advanced fast transmissions and clutches with high torque backup coefficient are used to optimize the layout with the drive axle with strong two-stage deceleration bearing capacity, so that the dynamic performance, fuel economy, braking performance and other performances of the whole vehicle meet or exceed the requirements of relevant national standards, The whole machine has larger bearing capacity, higher gradeability, and smaller fuel consumption per ton kilometer. The gradeability and power performance of the product are better than those of its peers

it adopts a double pipe internal expansion drum brake system, which acts independently on the front, middle and rear axles, and has three functions: driving, parking and emergency braking. The engine exhaust braking function is added to slow down the downhill driving, reduce the wear of the brake drum, and improve the driving safety. At the same time, the auxiliary air bag is added, so that the total gas storage capacity reaches 200L. What distinguishes the industry is the super large gas storage capacity, which enables the car to have sufficient gas source when going down a long slope, effectively ensuring the safety of the car. Two acceleration valves are added in the system, which can react quickly during braking, shorten the braking time and reduce the braking distance

with advanced software, through finite element stress analysis and fatigue strength calculation, a new structural form of large cross-section, high-strength, wide body box welded frame is designed, which improves the comprehensive strength of bending and torsion resistance of the frame and has a strong service life, which is the most different component from other manufacturers. The main beam and cross beam are high-strength truck girders, which have large bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, high strength and stiffness, and are more suitable for mining conditions with poor working conditions

the interior decoration of the cab is luxurious and exquisite, which reflects the design concept of Engineering Mechanization car. The overall skeleton structure improves its strength and durability. The cab and the energy and Environment Research Institute (IFEU) of Heidelberg environmental research center were designed to study the hydraulic turnover mechanism of the hood of different types of vehicles after implementing lightweight measures, which facilitates the maintenance, maintenance and repair of the cab and the components below the hood. At the same time, the buffer and shock absorber are added, which improves the driver's handling comfort and the service life of the cab. Heating, defrosting and air conditioning are standard. Compared with the ordinary sheet metal cab in the industry, the cab of Yutong heavy industry has higher strength, longer service life and, more importantly, higher safety. The streamlined instrument panel, combined instruments and comfortable operating environment perfectly embody the people-oriented purpose in the cab. This is the unique feature that Yutong heavy industry mining truck is different from other peers

the R & D and use of Yutong heavy industry mining truck marks the end of an era, and it also indicates that if the products can maintain a permanent economic life, they must always be vigilant in times of safety, take care of customer needs, actively respond to market changes, constantly improve their own scientific research and technical strength, and constantly update and upgrade products, so as to stand out in the fierce competition in the same industry and become the leader of the industry

Yutong heavy industry, a leading brand in China's mining truck industry

Yutong heavy industry mining truck completely overthrows the era of "Yugong removing mountains"

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