The 16th Iran international printing and packaging

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The 16th Iran international printing and packaging exhibition

exhibition scope:

printing: 1. Printing equipment: offset printing machine, plate making equipment, die cutting machine, plate printing machine, trademark printing machine

2. After printing operation, it is more likely to be delayed due to stress shielding. For example, BMW has 35 large procurement and storage centers around the world: desktop production system, advertising creative production system, software, scanner, etc

3. Post press equipment: paper cutter, binding machine, laminating machine, folding machine, veneering machine, indentation machine, bronzing machine

4. Special printing equipment: embossing machine, gravure machine, silk screen machine, business card printing machine

5. Silk printing technology and equipment; 6. Digital printing technology and equipment

7. Printing accessories and equipment: printing, composite cots, inks, plates, photosensitive films, etc.

Packaging: 1. Packaging machinery and accessories: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling and sealing. The consumption composition of MDI in China is: household appliances 30%, slurry 15%, building insulation 12%, transportation 9% and others (including adhesives) 34%, box sealing,

labeling machinery, packaging machinery, daily chemical products packaging machinery, Plastic flexible packaging equipment, "In the past two years, traditional Chinese medicine packaging machinery,

Plastic machinery, various die-cutting tool accessories, etc.;

2, corrugated honeycomb paperboard equipment, carton machinery, carton, paper tape, pulp, etc.;

3, packaging materials: coextrusion composite, stretch film blowing, foaming sheet, paper board paper cylinder, aluminum foil, adhesive tape,

hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging materials, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials Material

exhibition introduction:

the annual Iran international printing and packaging machine exhibition is hosted by Iran's largest exhibition company iranfairt, and has been successfully held for 15 times. Therefore, the exhibition is not only the largest and most influential exhibition in Iran, but also well-known internationally. It has become the most important professional printing and packaging exhibition in Iran, attracting many exhibitors and visitors from overseas. On January, 2009, the 15th Iran Tehran printing and packaging exhibition was held, with 11 exhibition halls covering an area of 30000 square meters. A total of 487 international exhibitors from 16 countries and regions came to the exhibition, including Germany, Austria, China, Spain, Canada, Italy, Taiwan, France, Turkey, Sweden, India, South Korea, Belgium, Tunisia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. 2009 witnessed once again the influence of Iran Tehran printing and packaging exhibition in the region and even internationally. As the most professional exhibition company in China, miorant International Group sincerely invites Chinese enterprises to witness and share the development of the increasingly mature Iranian market

market introduction:

Iran is located in southwest Asia, covering an area of 1.645 million square kilometers. Known as the Eurasian land bridge and the eastern and Western air corridor, it has a very important strategic position. At the same time, Iran is rich in oil and natural gas reserves and is the second largest oil exporter of OPEC. And controls 10% of the global oil reserves. In recent years, Iran's GDP has been rising with a probability of 7%. In recent years, packaging and printing in Iran has developed rapidly, and there have been some major reforms. Iranian printers have made some significant investments in materials and equipment in the past few years. In the label printing industry, gallus, Mark Andy and some other manufacturers have also entered Iran. At present, Iran's polymer output is only 800000 tons, and the processing capacity of plastic products is only 1million tons/year. Iran's plastic processing industry, which is in its infancy, will enter a period of rapid growth with the continuous production of large-scale petrochemical plants in the next few years, and the production capacity of its plastic industry will increase from 0.5% of the current world total to 3.8%. This shows that there are unlimited business opportunities

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