The 17th National composite materials academic con

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The 17th National composite materials academic conference was held in Beijing from October 12 to 15, hosted by the Chinese aeronautical society The second Liao extrusion unit undertaken by AVIC composites center has different uses, and its auxiliary equipment is also different. The aluminum alloy white body produced by Chery EQ1 small ant and Great Wall Huaguan electric coupe exhibited by computer-controlled stepper Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. has attracted many eyes. The 17th National composite academic conference was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was "composite materials: Science, technology and application". A total of 311 papers were received, and the number of participants reached 550. The scale of the conference was the largest ever

Liu Gaoluo, chairman of the China Aeronautical Society, Du Shanyi, chairman of the China composite society, and others attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The conference was divided into 9 forums, and nearly 200 academic reports were read out, which collected innovative research results in the material, design, manufacturing, testing and analysis of domestic advanced composite materials in the past two years

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