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"Temporary Cup" 16th Shandong college students' electromechanical product innovative design competition countdown day 3

"temporary Cup" 16th Shandong college students' electromechanical product innovative design competition countdown day 3

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"Shandong province if the gasket is broken, college students' electromechanical product innovative design competition" is an important platform for college teachers and students' innovative practice activities, It plays an important role in improving the innovation and practical ability and entrepreneurial quality of college students. It is an effective carrier for the promotion and publicity of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", "made in China 2025" strategy, major engineering experimental area for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and innovative enterprises

innovation driven intelligent manufacturing

this competition has been named "temporary Cup" for three consecutive sessions. Shandong Lingong, which takes "intensive development, innovation driven" as its development strategy, is determined to lead innovation and the pace of scientific and technological development. As a large backbone enterprise of China's construction machinery, a national high-tech enterprise, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and the first batch of manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, it has ushered in another week of busy work enterprises, firmly practicing the development concept of "efficiency first, science and technology leading". Big data processing center, intelligent factory, 5g remote control technology, etc., all show innovation and technology. Because of Shandong Lingong's unremitting pursuit of innovation and technology, Shandong Lingong has achieved leapfrog development for more than ten consecutive years and become a leader in the industry at the forefront of internationalization

school enterprise cooperation talent training

Shandong Lingong has been firmly implementing the talent strategy, firmly believing that talent is the foundation of innovation, and innovation driven is essentially talent driven. It has vigorously strengthened the absorption and training of innovative talents and design talents, vigorously promoted the integrated development of industry, University and research, combined with colleges and universities to strengthen the training of relevant professional talents, attached great importance to industry, University and research cooperation, and successively worked with Jilin University, Shandong University Dalian University of technology, University of Kentucky, Tsinghua University and other domestic scientific research institutions have established long-term and stable industry university research cooperation to achieve the great effect of enterprise technological innovation

through the cooperation with colleges and universities, temporary workers have made major breakthroughs in comfort technologies such as "research and application of ergonomics of engineering machinery data display machinery", "research and application of vibration reduction and noise reduction modal analysis of engineering machinery", breaking the competitive pattern of industry homogenization for a long time, forming advanced core technologies in the industry, and promoting the leapfrog development of the industry

talent is the decisive factor of scientific and technological innovation. The leapfrog development of Shandong Lingong is inseparable from the support of creating new talents and fresh blood. In addition to the regular competition content, the activity also specially set up an innovative competition unit of "temporary work scholarship". At the same time, Shandong Lingong will hold special lectures and on-site job fairs at the event site to provide employment opportunities for students of major universities in Shandong, which are still far behind the advanced countries on the overall level. Therefore, welcome to introduce yourself

reliable quality of Chinese brands

from Chinese products to Chinese quality, from made in China to Chinese brands, Shandong Lingong firmly takes "reliable bearing and great trust" as the core value of the brand. Over the past 48 years, Shandong Lingong has never stopped pursuing quality, and has won the mayor quality award, the governor quality award, the National Machinery Industry Quality Award, the national quality award, and the Asian Quality Excellence Award, step by step and step by step, It has walked out of the glorious road of reliable quality for temporary work

"temporary Cup" the 16th Shandong college students' electromechanical product innovation design competition, the countdown is two days, waiting for you to fight, temporary work and you are missing 3

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