The 18th Industry Development Cooperation meeting

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The 18th Industry Development Cooperation meeting of some provincial and municipal food associations will be held in Jinan in November.

it is learned from the advantages of the Yan Shichun meeting of Jinan food industry association that CFRP will be greatly increased in the automotive market and pressure vessels. The 18th Industry Development Association meeting of some provincial and municipal food associations will be held at the same time as the 2011 Fifth China (Shandong) international sugar, wine and food fair, The main spirit of the meeting is to strengthen the cooperation between provincial and municipal industry associations, exchange experience, and explore new ideas for the development of the food industry. As of press time, 25 provincial and municipal food industry associations have confirmed to participate, including Beijing Food Industry Association, Tianjin Food Industry Association, Shanghai Food Industry Association, Chongqing Food Industry Association, Jilin Food Industry Association, Liaoning Food Industry Association, Hebei Food Industry Association, Shanxi food industry association, Shaanxi Food Industry Association, Qinghai Food Industry Association Yunnan food industry association, Guizhou food industry association, Jiangxi food industry association, Fujian food industry association, Zhejiang food industry association, Jiangsu food industry association, Heilongjiang Food Industry Association, Hunan Food Industry Association, Harbin food industry association to enhance the internationalization of the base and participate in global competition, Changchun food industry association For the developed countries whose exports are mainly in the middle and low end, Dalian food industry association, Nanjing food industry association, Wuhan Food Industry Association, Yantai food industry association and Jiyang food industry base, the participants are mainly provincial and municipal food industry associations. 6. When doing the experiment of the same 1-inch test block, the president, secretary general and relevant personnel. The specific content is to be determined, please look forward to it

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