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The 17th China International Composites exhibition will be held soon

the 17th China National electronic mechanical UTM experimental machine composite industry technology exhibition, hosted by China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd., China Composite Industry Association and China glass fiber reinforced plastics society, will be held in Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 7 to 9. The exhibition area of this exhibition is 33500 square meters. At that time, nearly 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 40 countries and regions around the world will participate, with 3000 exhibitors' representatives

"China International composite Exhibition" is growing with the development of China's composite industry. It is the largest and most influential composite industry exhibition in China and even Asia. Relying on its influence advantages, the organizer has turned each exhibition into a festival for entrepreneurs and a grand event for the industry. A few of its members have not only received government support, but also been recognized by the industry for their self-interest image, brand and status. "China International Composites Exhibition" is called "the wind vane of the composite industry" by Agilent in the industry. Through this platform, the development trajectory of China's composite industry can be refracted to the greatest extent, and the latest trend of composite development can also be expressed most accurately

the exhibits cover raw materials and production equipment for FRP/composite industry, production technology and equipment, products and application examples, quality and control technology and instruments, metal matrix and ceramic matrix composite products, etc. In addition, this exhibition includes more than 30 professional technical lectures, involving basic science, market research results, domestic and foreign industry trends, technical training and the latest product release in the field of FRP/composite materials

in order to encourage scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, this exhibition will continue to set up a "innovative product exhibition area" of FRP/composite materials to display outstanding new products with high-tech content and the latest application examples. The exhibits will be selected and issued certificates by domestic and foreign experts

China's composite industry has developed vigorously in recent years, and the product quality and service level have been continuously improved. However, some large and medium-sized enterprises are facing the current situation that the demand for talents related to composite materials is constantly upgrading at the same time of business development; Many small and medium-sized composite material enterprises are also experiencing the bottleneck of professional "talent" shortage due to their rapid business development. To this end, this year, the organizing committee also set up a "talent exchange and recruitment zone in the composite industry" at the exhibition site with the help of the exhibition platform as a value-added service for the majority of exhibitors

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