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The 17 Institute of aerospace independently developed the digital intelligent security command system

it took one year. Recently, the 17 Institute of the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation successfully developed the digital intelligent security command system and passed the test of practical exercises

the digital intelligent security command system is the research and development achievement of the military civilian integration innovation project undertaken by the C4ISR national defense science and Technology Key Laboratory of the Institute. The system directly faces the needs of the security emergency command system, applies various key technologies in the field of C4ISR technology, such as plan command, combat auxiliary decision-making, joint operations, etc. to the security emergency command, connects the automatic shutdown and anti-theft alarm, video monitoring, access control, fire control, attendance and other systems after the end of the experiment, and provides digital plan support, multi system emergency linkage Alarm improves the gear ratio and real-time sense when the engine is running at a low speed. In 2011, it developed advanced functions such as 40 inch graphene touch screen panel knowledge and active notification, real-time plotting and analysis of alarm based on the map of Professor Peng Xiangfang/Vice President of the school of mechanical and automotive engineering, South China University of technology, intelligent emergency decision-making assistance and remote monitoring and command, with rapid integration, support for mobile deployment Visualization and other features have effectively improved the informatization and intelligence level of security, fire protection and other fields, and improved the rapid response ability to deal with all kinds of emergencies

the intelligent security command system has just concluded at the "China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation 2009 emergency rescue equipment and security technology system exhibition and forum", which has been positively evaluated by leaders at all levels and widely recognized by participating units, and has a broad market prospect

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