The 18m Jingshan corrugated board production line

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Jinming carton factory's 1.8m Jingshan corrugated board production line was transferred at a low price

for simplicity, the people's Court of Dongming County, Heze City, Shandong Province will conduct a public sale on the Alibaba judicial auction network platform of Dongming County People's court from 10:00 on December 20, 2018 to 10:00 on February 18, 2019 (except for the delay). It is hereby announced as follows:

the 1.8 meter Lake Beijing Mountain corrugated board production line owned by Dongming Jinming carton packaging Co., Ltd., the target of the sale. The owner of the equipment house: Dongming Jinming carton packaging Co., Ltd., a 1.8 meter Lake Beijing Mountain corrugated board production line. Please check the details of the equipment on the spot. The subject matter has been actually delivered, and the court will not bear any responsibility

the starting price

216, 000 should be guarded, the deposit: 20000, the price increase range: 1000

time and method of consulting, displaying and viewing samples

from the date of announcement to December 20, 2018 (holidays and holidays). Please contact our hospital for unified arrangement of viewing samples

sale method

1. The legal sale period is 60 days. If a bidder bids at any time during the sale period within 60 days, the sale will automatically enter the 24-hour bidding countdown; During the heating up period of the 24-hour bidding week, only the experimental board is available. Other sale registration users can increase the price to participate in the bidding. If someone bids within 5 minutes before the end of the bidding, the system will automatically delay for 5 minutes (cycle back to the last 5 minutes without bidding)

2. Bidders need to register and pay the advance payment for the sale equal to the full amount of the sale price of the subject matter before they can obtain the qualification to participate in the sale; Only when at least one person signs up and the bid is not lower than the variable selling price can the transaction be concluded

special reminder: the subject matter is subject to the current situation of the physical object, and the court does not undertake the defect warranty of the subject matter. Interested parties are requested to see the samples in person. Bidders who fail to see the samples are deemed to have confirmed the current situation of the physical object of this bid and are responsible for it

other matters

1. The registration procedures for the transfer of the subject matter shall be handled by the buyer itself, and the taxes incurred in the transaction shall be borne by the buyer (or by both parties respectively) in accordance with the provisions of the tax law and other relevant laws, regulations and policies

2. Parties who have an interest in the subject matter can participate in the auction, and those who do not participate in the auction please pay attention to the whole process of this sale

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