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With the development of China's building materials packaging industry, higher requirements are put forward for cement packaging. The national standard of "cement packaging bag" has raised the quality of cement packaging to a new level. As an auxiliary material for cement packaging, the industrial seam wrapping line should also adapt to the quality requirements of the cement packaging standard, so as to ensure that the breaking rate of cement before leaving the factory is not mainly used to simulate the tunnel traffic scene greater than 0.2%, and the comprehensive breaking rate in the circulation process is not greater than 2%

industrial seam wrapping line accounts for a small proportion in cement packaging bag making, and its role is easy to be ignored. The emergence of a large number of low-quality industrial sewing threads in the market has indeed brought many difficulties to the sewing process, resulting in frequent cement bag breaking events, which has brought hidden dangers to the quality of cement packaging

the industrial sewing and wrapping thread used in the cement bag is different from other sewing threads. It has its own uniqueness. It must meet the following three conditions to prevent rust:

corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (no deformation at 150 ℃), strength of 50cm and no less than 90N

soft, smooth, no knot, large roll, no thread breakage, no tripping needle, no jumper under high-speed sewing conditions

it meets the national standard gb/t "quality standard of polyester natural color sewing thread of the people's Republic of China", and the weight deviation (i.e. thickness) is not more than ± 2.5%, so as to ensure the normal bag output rate and reduce the bag making cost

the jointless polyester industrial sewing and wrapping line developed by domestic enterprises fully meets the above three conditions and is highly praised by the cement bag industry at home and abroad

high quality sewing thread has the following properties: uniform evenness, no shrinkage, less impurities, smoothness and softness, small elongation, good heat resistance and high strength; The seam wrapping line for cement bags has unique necessary properties: high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and excellent aging resistance

at present, the types of fibers selected for industrial sewing and wrapping in the market include cotton, vinylon, polypropylene, polyester, etc. Cotton fiber has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, but it has been gradually eliminated due to its low strength and high production cost. Polypropylene fiber has low cost, but poor heat resistance. It softens when it reaches 145 ℃ and is extremely resistant to aging, so it is not suitable for use on cement bags. Both vinylon and polyester raw materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance (the softening temperature of vinylon is 220 ℃, and the softening temperature of polyester is 240 ℃), but in terms of strength, aging resistance and smoothness, vinylon is not as good as polyester, and vinylon raw materials are short, and the cost has been higher than polyester, so polyester raw materials are widely used for their high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and low cost, This kind of raw material basically meets the unique properties of high-quality sewing thread and cement bag thread

polyester raw materials are divided into cotton, medium length and wool according to their uses. As industrial sewing and wrapping thread, high-quality and high-strength cotton polyester fibers should be preferred

in the in-depth investigation of bag making enterprises, it is found that the number of cement packaging bags is expected to double within this year. The material is thick. The industrial sewing suture used requires not only high strength, but also high softness and smoothness. It directly affects the formation and fixation of coils during sewing, thus affecting the number of jumpers and broken threads. The smoothness affects the temperature of the needle. Therefore, when adopting the twist direction and twist design of zsz in the process design, the combination of primary and secondary twisting must be considered, so that the yarn is tight inside and loose outside, with high strength, soft hand feeling and no shrinkage, which is conducive to high-speed sewing. The stroke of this kind of experimental machine is small. In order to reduce the sewing time, needle temperature and improve the seamability, post-treatment should also be added in production to overcome the lack of antistatic property of polyester

in terms of production management, we must make great efforts in equipment, process, operation, civilized production and on-site management, implement total quality management in all production processes and all employees, and implement the right of quality veto to ensure the steady improvement of various indicators of industrial sewing and wrapping. We believe that 20 pieces of industrial seam wrapping wires are used for cement bags/2 × The strength of 3 should be greater than 60N, and the weight of 100 meters is about 18.50 grams; 20 pieces/3 × The strength of 3 should be greater than 90N, the weight of 100 meters is about 27.5g, 20 pieces/4 × The strength of 3 should be greater than 120N, and the weight of 100 meters is about 37 grams

with the improvement and development of cement packaging in China, the requirements for industrial seam wrapping line will continue to improve. The thread making industry should be market-oriented and quality oriented, and constantly develop better industrial sewing and wrapping products to meet the needs of the development of cement packaging

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