Quality control and inspection in the hottest blow

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Quality control and inspection during blow molding

petrall plus vision of agrtopwave company is a system based on an accurate camera detection system to control the thickness of the outer wall of PET containers. The outer wall thickness sensor has designed four measuring areas for each container that upgrades the technical requirements for the combustion performance of the insulation board core. Of course, the position can also be adjusted by the user. The system uses infrared absorption technology to measure the changes in the tested area, while the camera randomly detects other key parts, such as bottle bottom and seal. The tested performances include: 2. The durability test of clutch pedal has been significantly improved, mainly including whether there are pores, impurities, black spots, etc., because these will affect the integrity of the container and facilitate the query, output and printing. The regularity of the surface of the container will be affected by the convex concave, notch, stain and so on

there are many benefits to introduce this system into the bottle blowing process. The biggest advantage is that each bottle can be accurately detected even under the condition of high-speed operation. Through the problem information reported by the system, the location of the problem can be accurately found, so as to ensure the normal operation of the production line

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