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The demand for meat, poultry and seafood is expected to reach US $6.9 billion in 2009. The profit will come from the rising shipping sales and a certain number of other factors that will stimulate the demand for food packaging. For example, processors are trying to process meat and poultry products into smaller and more convenient shapes, while developing deep-processing products. Such products use more packaging than larger unprocessed raw material products. This trend is gradually becoming a trend to meet the needs of families and consumers for more convenient food and reduce their time to prepare food

favorable income growth in the food service industry and many restaurants, steak restaurants and hamburger restaurants that take red meat as their main course will also pay attention to product quality and after-sales maintenance services, which will stimulate the development of relevant packaging. Although the visual orientation of packaging facing the food service market is weaker than that of packaging facing consumers, both of them will use some packaging methods that can increase the product value to extend the shelf life of meat, poultry, livestock and seafood

packaging is a potential supporting factor for the preservation of perishable foods such as meat, poultry, livestock and seafood. The situation requires that the importance of temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ and humidity 20% RH ~ 70% RH will continue to grow, especially for high security film packaging and other parts such as preservation time and temperature labels. Moreover, the meat industry tends to pay more attention to high value-added marginal products and the retail industry aimed at reducing store labor costs, which also provides a good opportunity for the development of the packaging industry

flexible packaging surpasses hard packaging

in the optimistic outlook for high security film packaging and bagging, the demand for flexible packaging will exceed that of hard packaging. The demand for high security film packaging will benefit from the development of bulk to boxed and boxed food. The electric valve actuator refers to the electric energy as the main energy source. This trend requires better packaging materials to extend shelf life and ensure product quality during transportation. Healthy packaging will be applied to tuna, salmon, chicken and other finished meat that were previously unsuitable for packaging in the consumer and food service markets

the fastest growth in poultry and livestock packaging

stimulated by the growing production and consumption of poultry and livestock, the fastest growth is in poultry and livestock packaging, because compared with beef, poultry and livestock meat products have the advantages of high nutritional value, major changes in the new national standards, diversification of characteristics and low cost. The popularity of poultry and meat products will also continue to promote the development of products in the direction of convenience, which will bring infinite vitality to the related packaging industry

pallet packaging provides conditions for solid products

the growth of pallet packaging will reflect the current growth situation: the relatively expensive plastic pallets for boxed meat and finished meat, livestock and seafood are developing rapidly. When the development of foam dishes slows down, greater business opportunities are contained in the low oxygen meat packaging system. This kind of packing is favored by many retailers because it makes meat products look fresher

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this new industrial research, meat, poultry and seafood packaging, provides historical U.S. demand data (1994, 1999, 2004) plus application and market outlook to 2009 and 2014. This study considers the market environment factors, and proposes the company's market share data and 39 industrial competitors

source: Meat Research

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