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MICROSCAN, the global technology leader in precision data acquisition and control application solutions, recently announced that it will display a series of advanced machine vision products and solutions at booth 1636 (Hall W1) of semicon China in 2011. Semicon China 2011 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 15 to 17

visionscape GigE solution provides a complete machine vision solution for Gigabit Ethernet, with industry-leading visionscape machine vision software, multiple Gigabit Ethernet cameras and a wide range of machine vision lighting series NERLITE lighting solutions. From an economical single camera system to a sophisticated eight camera application, the visionscape GigE solution provides all the necessary components for the full and successful implementation of machine vision. The Gigabit Ethernet based on PC adopts standard network components, such as cable switches and interface plug-ins, which saves costs. By connecting up to eight Gigabit Ethernet cameras to one system, manufacturers can further save costs. Visionscape GigE provides all the advantages of the industry-leading visionscape machine vision software for a variety of applications, which can accurately detect, identify, guide, measure and measure

vs-1 visionscape smart camera, as a whole machine vision inspection system, can read all standard linear bar codes and 2D codes. It is applicable to a wide range of applications. It provides a force channel for manufacturers to conduct quality monitoring, process control, or identify and track components on the production line. It is a cost-effective and easy to deploy solution for reserving load sensor channels. The smart camera combines the advantages of compact shape, wide application, diversified functions and mature visionscape software

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qx hawk fixed scanner has the characteristics of fully integrated liquid lens technology. It can quickly read any barcode and direct part mark at any position within seconds after installation. QX hawk adopts a high-resolution modular optical zoom system, highly efficient X-mode decoding technology and simple plug and play connection, It realizes the unity of sufficiency and high performance when the easy-to-use tension range is 100 Newton. It is applicable to the situation where the code reading requirements are stringent, such as the situation where high-speed decoding is required or multiple barcodes are interpreted at different distances

mobile hawk mobile handheld scanner adopts X-mode decoding and overall maxlite technology. It can read the most challenging direct part marks simply by pulling the trigger. From linear bar code to two-dimensional label, you can handle it easily. Mobile hawk combines the patent pending maxlite lighting technology with the highly efficient X-mode DPM algorithm. This combination makes the mobile image scanner truly plug and play, which is convenient to use, and also has high reliability in low contrast DPM applications. It is suitable for reading bar codes on bulky and heavy objects with a handheld code reader

for more details, please visit booth 1636 (Hall W1) of semicon China in 2011 or log in to the company's website to contact us

introduction to MICROSCAN company of the United States

as a multinational company focusing on accurate data acquisition and control solutions and committed to providing the world's manufacturing industry with automated tracking, tracing and control systems for key production processes, MICROSCAN company of the United States will work with our customers and partners to jointly promote China's manufacturing industry to enter the world first

American maxken company was founded in 1982. It has a long history in technological innovation, including the development of the world's first laser diode barcode scanner and 2D symbol data matrix. It is a top brand in the global auto ID and machine vision industry. At present, maxken is still the technology leader in the field of automatic identification and machine vision, with tracking, tracing and control solutions for a variety of industrial applications, from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision detection and measurement

American maxken has passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and has been recognized by global customers for its first-class product quality. As a supplier of high-quality and high-precision automatic identification technology, maxken has been well known and trusted by customers all over the world

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