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MICROSCAN successfully participated in the first China International Import Products Expo. In April, 2012, MICROSCAN, a global technology leader in precision data acquisition and control solutions, announced that it had successfully displayed a number of high-speed scanner products and the latest machine vision products at booth T71 in Hall C of the first China International Import Products Expo

during the exhibition, the staff of maxken company introduced several products with good market reputation to the visitors in detail, including the qx-870 laser scanner equipped with the latest barcode reading technology, which is characterized by plug and play settings and the most efficient coding algorithm, which can read barcodes at multiple locations, or even damaged barcodes; Mini hawk fixed code reader and mobile hawk handheld code reader that can identify the most challenging direct part marking DPM code, as well as autovision series machine vision products, which include vision hawk and vision mini smart cameras and autovision machine vision software. Its technology is designed to provide powerful, reliable and high performance tools to detect and identify a large number of waste products with out of tolerance, Simplify the design and configuration of machine vision applications

masken's high-performance high-speed scanners and machine vision products are guaranteed by excellent customer service and over 25 years of industry excellent experience. They can help customers collect data with confidence, implement necessary controls to remove rust and paint to the greatest extent, reduce downtime and improve efficiency in closed workshops. In addition to complying with industry and government regulations, they can also meet higher standards. For more details, please visit the company website or contact us by email

introduction to MICROSCAN company

as a multinational company focusing on accurate data acquisition and control solutions and committed to providing the world's manufacturing industry with automated tracking, tracing and control systems for key production processes, MICROSCAN company of the United States will work with our customers and partners to jointly promote China's manufacturing industry into the world's advanced ranks

American maxken company was founded in 1982. It has a long history in technological innovation, including the development of the world's first laser diode barcode scanner and 2D code data matrix. It is a top brand in the global auto ID and machine vision industry. At present, American maxken company is still the technical leader in the field of automatic identification and machine vision. It has tracking, tracing and control solutions for a variety of industrial applications, from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision, which vertically fixes the steel hammer body on a special fixture for visual detection and measurement

American maxken company has passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and is located in a dry and ventilated place. Because of its first-class product quality, it has been recognized by customers all over the world. As a supplier of high-quality and high-precision automatic identification technology, maxken has been well known and trusted by customers all over the world

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