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In the current wardrobe Market, consumer groups are gradually younger, and the new model of conforming to young consumers is gradually on the stage of wardrobe. The wardrobe industry can only travel thousands of miles away by timely adjusting plans and devising strategies

in the current wardrobe Market, the rejuvenation of consumer groups, as a popular new model, has gradually stepped on the stage of wardrobe. At the time of development, wardrobe enterprises need to carefully formulate corresponding strategic guidelines and policies. Only by strategizing, can we travel thousands of miles away. Therefore, in order to achieve the ideal development goals, wardrobe enterprises should also have an overall layout

conform to young consumer groups, or drive the development of wardrobe enterprises

with the new generation gradually becoming the consumer subject of the market God, the younger consumer groups also ushered in their own development opportunities in this environment. In the Internet era, the new generation is most closely connected with it. In order to meet their consumption habits of online shopping, the development model of wardrobe enterprises may usher in a new turn driven by the younger model of consumer groups. However, the demand direction of the new generation for wardrobe products is also broader. In addition to the product itself, the experience of the product has also become an important aspect

at the time of development, wardrobe enterprises also need to carefully study the problems that the new model will encounter in the development process. As an indispensable product in home decoration, wardrobe has also attracted more and more attention of young consumer groups. However, due to the development limitations of this model in three aspects: difficult integrity, unknown business qualifications, and insufficient innovation ability, it has also brought some difficulties to the development of the new model of wardrobe enterprises. Nowadays, the direction of this profit model has become a trend, but to implement it concretely, wardrobe enterprises still need careful layout

young consumer groups gradually rise and become the "main force" of the consumer market.

as a rising consumer group, the post-80s and 90s generation are deeply influencing the market strategy of wardrobe enterprises with their consumption power, consumption awareness and consumption discourse. It is of great significance for any enterprise to seize the future market position to deeply analyze and understand this increasingly large consumer group and accurately grasp their consumer psychological characteristics. Therefore, at the time of development, wardrobe enterprises also need to pay high attention to this market change

the post-80s and 90s consumer groups have transformed a certain consumption feeling into consumption value. Their requirements for the emotional, boastful and symbolic value of products have already exceeded the material value and use value of goods or services. Personalized and fashionable products are more attractive to them. Although wardrobe products are used as home decoration and paving products, according to relevant surveys, young consumer groups also have fashion requirements for the color and style of wardrobe products. This requires wardrobe enterprises to adjust their strategic direction in time





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