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I believe that whether you are in your own home or someone else's home, sliding doors are common styles

I believe that whether you are in your own home or someone else's home, sliding doors are common styles. In order to increase the space of some small houses, aluminum alloy sliding doors are their new favorites. Now many families will use sliding doors to replace traditional doors for various reasons, which not only saves space, but also looks elegant. Where in the home is it suitable to install sliding doors? Xiaobian is here to discuss with you. You might as well try it at your own home

kitchen and restaurant

in home life, the most common place for aluminum alloy doors is the kitchen, which can play the role of space separating the kitchen and restaurant. It is a very distressing and unpleasant thing for the smell of cooking oil smoke to drift to the restaurant. Might as well have a PD door for British Royal doors and windows. How about a high-end product that can push and pull and swing the door? Please see the following figure


balcony, an important position for the scenery, how to solve the problem of wind and water blocking? Use the heavy folding door of British Royal doors and windows. The perfect combination of high and flat rails can block water and wind, and reduce high decibel noise sources. You think that's all? Then you are wrong. The advantages of the British Royal heavy folding door: the hidden hinge is more beautiful, and the safety performance of anti pinch is set. Customers can fold it any way they want (single + single, single + double, double + double unlimited folding method). Please enjoy the following figure

living room

the living room is the place with the highest utilization rate, and talk with visitors. Set up a heavy sliding door for British Royal doors and windows. The efficient sound insulation effect is definitely your best choice. Look at the picture and talk:


the living room is the place with the highest utilization rate. Many owners will set aside a study on the area of the living room for work and children's learning needs when designing, and the working and learning environment is incompatible with the living room environment; At this time, come to a narrow frame series sliding door, how simple it is, just look at it

selection skills

aluminum alloy doors are generally selected. They are low-carbon, environmentally friendly, affordable, and highly decorative. They are not afraid of wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. It has strong material, many colors, and many kinds of glass, which highlights its advantages

British Royal sliding doors and windows have the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, no deformation as a whole, and the surface is not easy to age. Effectively improve the utilization rate of the balcony, ensure the temperature and cleanness of the balcony, and select large hollow aluminum alloy sliding doors for houses with large outdoor noise, which have excellent sealing and sound insulation effects

the British royal family has built a first-class staff team through meticulous management. Always focus on improving product quality and process control; With customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as the core, the development goal of producing high-quality products with high-quality technology has been achieved. Continuous improvement and self transcendence have achieved the perfect interpretation of brand development

as the leader of high-end customized doors and windows, the British royal family will uphold the business philosophy of "integrity, preciseness, responsibility, pragmatism, low carbon, green and environmental protection", and use dedicated power to create luxury enjoyment of high-end customized doors and windows for exquisite home life. We have developed many door and window products with excellent quality, novel style, energy conservation and environmental protection

the British royal family is looking forward to working hand in hand with you

after reading, do you really want to layout your door like this, highlight the warm and elegant high-end style, give yourself a comfortable and atmospheric living environment, and leave a deep impression on guests





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