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Recently, citizens have called to complain one after another. Some home decoration companies first make you interested at unimaginable low prices, and then give you peace of mind with the promise of decoration first and payment later. With such a clever trick, nine out of ten owners who don't know where to go will take the bait. After the construction starts, the beautiful lie will be unveiled &mdash& mdash; Materials steal beams and columns, construction steal work and materials, and the cost increases again and again &hellip& hellip; Extremely poor materials and construction make people unable to move in at all

in January this year, Liu Lifang got the key to her 110 square meter new house and signed a home decoration contract with a decoration company: 26000 yuan and a half package, and the main materials were purchased by herself; The construction period is 2 months, and it will be completed on March 15; According to the progress of the project, decoration shall be carried out first, and then payment shall be made. 6000 yuan shall be paid for the completion of water and electricity, 10000 yuan for the completion of masonry, 8000 yuan for the completion of carpentry, and 2000 yuan for the completion of painting. For this price, Liu Lifang thought it was very cost-effective. Moreover, manager Cao of the home decoration company came to the construction site for inspection in three days and two days, saying that she would decorate her home into a model house and pay money after passing the acceptance, which made Liu Lifang very relieved

in order not to delay the construction period, Liu Lifang took the initiative to pay in advance every time. The carpentry has not been completed, and 18000 yuan has been paid. Even the water and electricity acceptance has been handed over to the home decoration company. With the progress of the project, problems came out one by one: there was no wiring in the place where the lamp was installed, the wardrobe was deformed, the wall was wavy, and the embedded height of the sewer pipe was not enough &hellip& hellip;

this decoration is the beginning of a nightmare! It was supposed to be completed on March 15. Until now, it has been suspended for half a month! The decoration company said that it would not start work until the final payment was paid, leaving a pile of mess to me. Liu Lifang, the owner of Huangpu East Palace, repented of her blind credulity to the home decoration company. Now the house can neither live nor install. No one dares to take over! I don't know what to do

many quality problems made liulifang anxious. She installed and disassembled, and the continuous rework not only delayed the construction period, but also made the home decoration company impatient. She simply required to pay the final 8000 yuan in advance, otherwise she would stop work. After this unreasonable request was rejected, the half installed construction site became a half finished project, and Liu Lifang, who was helpless, had to turn to this newspaper

after hearing the news, our reporter came to Huangpu east palace with Lin Jianqiao, the professional supervisor of the third-party supervision center of the municipal decoration Association, and diagnosed the decoration quality of Ms. Liu's new house on the spot. After careful investigation by the professional supervisor, it was found that there were many problems in Ms. Liu's house, especially the construction of concealed hydropower projects was extremely irregular, and there were great potential safety hazards. If it was not rectified, it could not be used normally at all




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