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Nowadays, young people have a lot of pressure in life and don't have much savings soon after entering the workplace. With their own efforts and the help of their parents, it is a common choice for many people to buy a small wedding house. The following Xiaobian would like to recommend for you a set of decoration renderings of a modern simple wedding room with two bedrooms and one living room in the happy era. The use of rich colors and a large number of metal decorations shows both vitality and composure. Not only that, the division of functional areas is also very reasonable, which is of great reference value. Those who don't understand decoration should come and have a look

decoration owner files:

community: happy era (more decoration renderings of happy era) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 100000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

design notes: for the decoration of wedding house, because we need to consider the home life after marriage, we need to combine decoration and practicality. Although this wedding house has been decorated for half a year, it still retains the decorative effect of marriage, which is very impressive

two bedrooms and one living room decoration effect drawing of modern simple wedding room in happy era

turn around and look at the other side of the living room. The high and low solid wood tea tables with different colors have different textures. At the same time, the two echo each other, adding some dignity to this simple and clear living room. The combination of black and brown colors adds a touch of massiness and calmness to the whole living room

decoration effect drawing of modern simple wedding kitchen with two bedrooms and one living room in the happy era

although the area of this kitchen is small, only about 3 square meters, the sparrow is small, and it has both liver and gall. The upper and lower cabinets also create enough storage space for the kitchen. The white cabinet echoes the main white tone of the living room, and the yellow green metal decorative strip is very small and fresh

two bedrooms and one living room in the happy era modern simple wedding bedroom decoration effect drawing

the bedside lamp design of the bedroom is full of elegant retro flavor, effectively beautifying the bedside space, and the switch and plug design is also very humanized

introduction to happy era community

happy era project is located in Houhu area, at the intersection of Houhu Avenue and Jianshe Canal Road, covering an area of 135403.17 square meters, with a total construction area of about 466000 square meters. It is planned to be constructed in four phases. The happy era is built by Tongjian Baibuting United Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is jointly formed by Tongjian Urban Development Co., Ltd. and Baibuting group, two influential real estate enterprises. In the happy era, public transportation is developed. The project is adjacent to the entrance of rail line 1 and Metro Line 3. In front of the community, there is a long-term planned entrance of metro line 12, and there are many bus lines. The happy era project is surrounded by educational institutions such as Hankou railway middle school and Yucai primary school. High end kindergartens and supporting children's education institutions are proposed in the project to form a one-stop education chain. The happy era has residential and commercial areas, positioning the ecological life community

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