Conservative infighting costing the party Nanos sa

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Conservative infighting costing the party Nanos saysThe progress of vaccine rollout throughou, as O'Toole support drops post-campaign - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Continued Conservative infighting over whether Erin O’Toole should continue leading the party is a signal to voters that the Official Opposition is “not ready to govern,” says Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos.

“If the narrative continues that the Conservatives are divided, they don’t have any chance of forming for example a majority government, or even a government… Because if a party does not support its leader or a party is divided, it basically is a big signal to average voters that that party is not ready to govern,” Nanos said in the latest episode of CTV News’ podcast Trend Line.

“So if the Conservatives want any chance of getting rid of the Liberalst want to duplicate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, they have to unify and have one message,” Nanos said, suggesting that Conservative insiders who “have their sights firmly set on each other,” should “decide who their enemy islocated at European nuclear research organization CERN. They sa.”

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